Cameron is the co-founder of Hella Average Gaming and quite the dashing lad. When it comes to the nerd culture, he strives to stay as up-to-date as possible. Rather it be gaming, movies, TV shows, comics, or anime, he absorbs as much as he can. When it comes to platformers, you will be hard pressed to top this godly gaming titan. Although he abandoned social media after college, you can now find him on Twitter at @averageyetti.

Carmin is also the co-founder of Hella Average Gaming, and gets most ideas from his epic beard. When it comes to the games that require heavy grinding, nobody tops this brash beast. He immerses himself in the gaming culture, and enjoys being current on all news that comes down the pipe. He is our website designer, tech guru, and problem solver. Due to the fact that the rest of us get bored after an hour or so, he handles most of the mobile gaming for the site. Check him out on Twitter at @HellaAvgCarminT.