First Impressions of Far Cry 5

Source:Andrew Lee, Andrew Lee

     Let me preface this by saying I have some very strong opinions about a lot of things. I also value everyone's right to their own opinions and beliefs. Also, before you get into this thinking I'm going to be a mile deep, detailing the subtle nuances every character has to offer, know that I am only a couple of hours into this game and this is strictly an on-the-spot "review."

     Now, apart from what seems like a pretty heavy-handed ideological slant, the game is beautiful. The lighting and texturing is beautiful, true to this franchise for sure. Not only is the combat wild and fun, the enemies seem to be a little more aware and intelligent, taking cover and attacking more precisely. Story-wise, I'd say it's sticking to the roots of the franchise as well; a non-descript hero is put in a situation of self-discovery in a foreign area saturated with conflict, and rife with the potential for action and adventure.

     I wasn't so certain I was going to like this game, even less that I should spend 60 plus dollars on it, because of how strongly the teasers and trailers smelled of political propaganda. However, in a time when this sort of advertising is what seems to be selling best, how could I blame them? Overall, I'm glad I went out on my limb and jumped at this one. So far it has been a lot of fun and I am excited for more. I'm actually about to jump back in now.

     I hope this "review-ette" has been enjoyable and informative, and if you enjoy the Far Cry series at all I definitely recommend picking this up.