E3 2017 Schedule

Source:Hella Average Gaming, Cameron

It is that magical time of the year for gaming fans. E3 is almost upon us and we couldn't be more excited. Below, you will be able to see when all the major players of E3 will be taking the stage. As always, we will be able to watch these conferences live, through a plethora of online media. Along with major gaming publications streaming their own coverage, Twitch and YouTube will have their dedicated coverage as well. There will be no problem watching every conference from the comfort of your own living room. We will keep you updated on our social media pages and provide in depth recaps of all the conferences. Damn, it is a great time to be a gamer! As always, stay Hella Average!

Saturday, June 10th.

  • *EA (12 PM PT, 3 PM ET)
Sunday, June 11th.
  • Microsoft (2 PM PT, 5 PM ET)
  • Bethesda (7 PM PT, 10 PM ET)
Monday, June 12th.
  • PC Gaming (10 AM PT, 1 PM ET)
  • Ubisoft (1 PM PT, 4 PM ET)
  • Sony (6 PM PT, 9 PM ET)
Tuesday, June 13th.
  • **Nintendo (9 AM PT, 12 PM ET)

* EA is doing their own event, "EA Play."

**Nintendo will not have a traditional conference. Instead, they will live stream their own conference, "Nintendo Spotlight."