E3 2017: A recap of the major conferences.

Source:Hella Average Gaming, Cameron

Now that all the major press conferences are over, it is time to give a rundown of the major announcements from E3 2017. Amid a somewhat mediocre E3, each of the major players delivered some fantastic news. We received more information on many games that have already been announced, and we were shown some brand new titles and sequels that we haven't seen before. I will be covering each conference in more detail on our second episode of the Hella Average Gamescast, so make sure to check it out. So without further ado, lets kick off this review.

The sports kings opened up their show by showing off a little Madden 18. They are working hard to improve Madden each year and this looked like a very well done game. Of course, we were shown plenty of Fifa which also looked great. They spent some time showing off Battlefield 1 and it's new DLC content. We saw a small teaser for the new IP, Anthem. We would be shown more of this in the Xbox press conference. Finally, it was time for the star of the show, Battlefront 2. It truly seems Dice has listened to the feedback from the first game, and made improvements. We were able to see 30 minutes of multiplayer gameplay which looked amazing. In my opinion, Battlefield 2 is going to be the game we were all hoping for.

Of course, the show opened with Phil Spencer telling us about the Xbox One X, the true name of Project Scorpio. Xbox One X will launch on November, 7th at $499.99, and is truly the strongest console ever made. Forza 7 was the first game shown to us, and graphically, it looked fantastic. If you are a fan of the Forza series, I believe you will love this game. Up next, we were given quick trailers of 40 something games. While many lacked much information, the major announcements included a new Metro title, Player Unknown's Battleground coming to Xbox first, and an extended look at Sea of Thieves. We found out that original Xbox games will now be backwards compatible. This drew the largest applause of the night. The finale, and arguably best showing of the conference, was an extended look at Anthem. This game looks phenomenal, and in my opinion, is BioWare's answer to Destiny. We saw some combat and got a look at the Javeline exosuits. There is no doubt in my mind that this game is going be a major hit.

Bethesda's conference was short, sweet, and to the point. The developers used a theme park approach to show off each of their titles. First up was Doom VFR and Fallout VR. This will bring full AAA titles to VR, which is exactly what many players are asking for. Moving on, we saw the Morrowind expansion for Elder Scrolls Online. Although ESO has been out since 2014, this new expansion adds a plethora of new content for players. We saw more information for the Nintendo Switch edition of Skyrim. Using a new Link amiibo, you can now play as Link in the game. Obviously, it will not really be Link, but a skin or possible gear to make your character look like the iconic Zelda character. The Evil Within 2 was shown, and this game looks scary as hell. The major news of the night, and the best showing in my opinion, was Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. Although I never got into the first game, the new installment looks fantastic. Graphically, Wolfenstein 2 looks top notch, and the gameplay seemed solid as well.

Before they took the stage this year, Ubisoft announced a shortlist of titles they were working on. These titles included a new Assassins Creed, Far Cry 5, South Park: Fractured but Whole, and The Crew 2. We saw new trailers for all these titles, as expected, and some surprises we weren't expecting. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle looked better than I expected. The trailer was funny and the gameplay looked very fun. Skull and Bones, a new IP was announced, and this game looks phenomenal. For those of you looking for true pirate battle on the open seas, this is the game for you. Ubisoft is taking the mechanics from Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag, and improving them for use in Skull and Bones. Finally, we saw a trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2. This was a major cult hit for Ubisoft back in 2003, and has been going strong since. This trailer was hilarious, and introduced a variety of unique characters in a strange and awesome world. I am looking forward to learning more about this title in the coming months.

Please excuse my Sony fanboy showing, but in my opinion, they had the strongest overall showing at E3. Although we didn't really see anything new, Sony wowed us with their library of exclusive games. The conference opened with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Fans of the Uncharted series have plenty to be excited about with this release. Up next was a DLC announcement for Horizon Zero Dawn. It is surprising that we are receiving new content for this game so soon, but we should not complain about more Horizon. Days Gone showed us more gameplay, and this title is going to be amazing. We saw stealth elements, using the environment to your advantage, and some combat elements. The zombies look ferocious, and graphically it is phenominal. A Shadow of the Colossus remake is in the works, and what little we saw showed promise. God of War is absolutely amazing. The trailer and gameplay looked fantastic, and I think we all need more Kratos in our life. Detroit: Become Human looks like a great sci-fi, make your own story game. The conference concluded with a 9 minute gameplay video of Spiderman. Many gamers have been waiting for a truly well done Spiderman game, and here it is. This game is fluid, funny, and bad ass, all mixed into a giant ball. It feels like you really are Spiderman, saving the citizens from harm, and fighting baddies. 

Nintendo was also short, sweet, and to the point. Nintendo had the most surprising announcement of E3, Metroid Prime 4. Fans have been clamoring for a "good" Metroid game and it is finally here (we hope.) It seems that Nintendo is listening to their fans more than they have in the past. We saw a new Kirby game, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and more Mario Odyssey. Nintendo delivered a successful new console earlier this year, and now they are beginning to deliver the software to accompany it. People have been asking where the games are for the Switch, and Nintendo answered that call. We even saw a new Metroid game for the 3DS. Nintendo fans should be looking forward to everything that is coming in the future.

E3 is always an amazing time for gamers, where we get to see what the future holds, and more of what we already know. These press conferences are just the beginning. All week, crowds are getting hands on with many of the games shown, and as the weeks progress, we will bring you updates and news for all these games, and more. Let us know what your favorite moments of E3 were, and what you are most looking forward to. As always, play on, and stay Hella Average.