Update from the Hella Average Team

Source:Hella Average Gaming, CarminT

The past 3 weeks have been filled with a whirlwind of emotions: joy, frustration, excitement and the overall feeling of success. We have launched our very first podcast, The Hella Average Gamescast!! As exciting as this was it brought a new set of hurdles and tested our patience but we have accepted the challenge head on and will continue to improve every time that we put out content. 

Cameron and myself will continue to release episodes of the Podcast on Fridays and are excited that Episode 3 will also include the launch of our YouTube channel. We encourage you to listen to the Hella Average Gamescast on Soundcloud or YouTube. With this new platform we will be able to bring you even more Hella Average content and we hope that you continue to support us as we grow. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube and if you feel inclined support us monetarily on Patreon but this is never a necessity. We bring you this content because of our love and enjoyment of playing video games, sharing our opinions on the subject matter, and camaraderie.

Thank you very much again for your continual support and stay Hella Average!!!