LawBreakers - Game Review

Source:Hella Average Gaming, CarminT

Lawbreakers, a gravity-defying shooter by Boss Key Productions, is one of the best shooters that I have played during 2017. The game brings a unique twist to the genre, and reminds me of my early Unreal Tournament days. The mechanics come with a high learning curve, and with no in-game tutorials, I struggled during my first few matches. However, the more time I spent with Lawbreakers, the better I became. My twitch skills, muscle memory, and feline esque reflexes began to take over, and I really began to enjoy this game.

Eighteen characters make up the composition of Lawbreakers, and they are spread out over two teams, the Law, or the Breakers (see what they did there?) The Assassin, who excels in close quarters combat, wields two razor-sharp blades, and an energy shotgun. The Battle Medic comes equipped with medical drones, a grenade launcher, and an energy pistol. The Enforcer, my personal favorite class in the game, seems to have one of the best load outs. With a shoulder mounted rocket launcher, an assault rifle, and a shock rifle, the Enforcer can make an opponent's day go from great, to terrible, in the blink of an eye. The Gunslinger, who requires immense precision, is a marksman that wields a semi automatic pistol, and a precision pistol that fires a single, or charged projectile. Side note, I found the Gunslinger to be a close second in my entourage of characters I excelled with. The Harrier is a walking laser, and comes equipped with boots, guns, and blasts that delve out a constant stream of damage. Need some health or a quick fuel recharge? The Harrier comes equipped with a deployable station that can meet all your support needs. In the mood to soak up some damage?  The Juggernaut, with a deployable shield, and the ability to increase its defenses, can easily close the gap between enemies, and dominate an encounter with a pump action shotgun. The Titan, who is equipped with a deadly rocket launcher, and a lightning gun, will have your enemies hair standing at attention. The Vanguard, who comes equipped with Afterburners, has full flight capability, and a gatling gun that becomes more accurate as you fire. Finally, the Wraith slides in with a fully automatic pistol, short sword, and the ability to slow enemies to a crawl. Each character has a unique feel, and warrants a certain playstyle when you bring them to battle.

The game modes bring a fresh twist to common game modes like Capture the Flag and Control. Occupy is a control game with a single zone that rotates around the map, and Turf War, the other Control style game mode, has you fighting to lock down three zones. Overall Occupy stuck out as the more interesting mode because of the constantly changing zones, and necessity to hunker down. The overall feeling of success when your team dominates a zone, or rallies a comeback, will have you sitting at the edge of your seat. There are three other game modes, which focus more on elements from Capture the Flag. Uplink requires your team to capture, return to base, and defend the Uplink while it downloads. Three points and you win! Blitzball has you fighting for the EURO ball, and taking it to the enemy's base to score. This game mode combines elements from basketball, complete  with a shot clock. In one match, I was steps away from scoring and didn’t beat the buzzer. Easily one of the saddest moments I had while playing that day. To finish out the game modes there is Overcharge, where you will fight to capture and charge a battery. Getting the battery fully charged isn’t enough to score a point, and must be defended at 100% for twenty seconds. I can’t tell you how many times I witnessed the Battery get stolen at 100%.

Personally, I think that the Maps are composed beautifully. I haven’t ran across a map that made me groan like I have with other first-person shooters.  Even though none of them truly stick out to me as memorable, I know that this will come over time as I continue to expose myself to them. The mix of gravity and low-gravity on each map is placed perfectly, and combat flows well on them. Choke points are hard to hold, as there are multiple paths that can be taken to get to the same destination. Health pods and stations are scattered through the maps, and can sometimes be hard to find, but I think this is a welcome addition, and the right choice from the developers. It adds another layer of complexity when deciding to engage in a firefight, or to flee in hopes of finding those elusive health pods.

I highly recommend picking this game up on your respective consoles (PS4 or PC). For $29.99, you can not beat this price for the experience that this game brings. If you’re playing Lawbreakers, send us your feedback! We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield, and for my sake please take it easy on me!