Nidhogg 2 - Game Review

Source:Hella Average Gaming, Cameron

    Messhof games created a fantastic pixel sword fighting game in 2014 called Nidhogg. This epic tug of war contest required you to kill your opponent, and continue on to the next stage, until you reached the final stage. However, if your opponent killed you, they were allowed to run the opposite direction to reach their final stage. Simplicity is the word that comes to mind when it comes to Nidhogg. A simple button layout, pixel graphics that could be from the 80's, a minimalist soundtrack, and basic mechanics were what made Nidhogg unique. Three years have passed, and Nidhogg 2 has been released. This game comes complete with plenty of welcome additions, such as new weapons, an incredible new art style, and an online matchmaking feature. A new soundtrack, and basic character customization round out the new aspects of the game. Nidhogg 2 is everything a sequel should be, and their re-imagining of the simplistic style is a welcome addition.

        The first thing you notice when jumping into Nidhogg 2 is the unique art style. Toby Dixon is responsible for this grotesque overhaul of the game. If I had to describe the art in Nidhogg 2, it would be a pixel nightmare, in a world of meatballs, with clay figures killing each other. This is a vast difference from the basic stick figures, and backgrounds of the original Nidhogg. The worlds now have life to them, although many you wouldn't want to spend the night in. You can now see detail in the weapons, the characters, and the environments. Did I mention the giant, deformed snake that is going to eat you? That's right, your reward for winning is a chance to be dinner for a deformed serpent. Dixon's art style is the heart and soul to this game, and it causes it to stand out in the video game world.

        The game play, while still extremely simple, has added a few new aspects that make the game more interesting. In the original Nidhogg, there was only one weapon, a fencing sword. Nidhogg 2 introduces giant claymores, daggers, and the most annoying of all, bow and arrows. Each weapon has its unique advantages. You can disarm an opponent with a rapier (fencing sword), by swinging your giant claymore. If you happen to spawn with a dagger, you have better movement speed than someone with a claymore. Do you really want to piss off your opponent? Spawn with a bow, and you can launch arrows from a distance, but be careful, those arrows can be deflected back towards you. The arcade mode is where you fight from level to level, defeating a different colored enemy on each stage. They range in difficulty, and certain levels spawn random weapons. This mode can be completed fairly quick, depending on your level of skill. Where Nidhogg 2 really shines is its online modes. You can play locally with a friend, or match with someone online you have never met. This game is also one of the best drinking games I have ever played (for those of legal drinking age of course.)

        Nidhogg 2 is something new, and exciting. It is a fast paced, and engaging game, that will have you yelling at your TV screen. The new mechanics are extremely easy to learn, and you will be reaching the final stage in no time. If you are looking for a game that requires little commitment, this should be in your library. Not only is this game graphically unique, the ambiance, and music are just as well done as every other aspect of the game. At $14.99, I can't recommend this game enough. You will get more than your money's worth from this title. Nidhogg 2 is available on the Playstation 4, and PC, so go out and grab it on either platform. Play on, and as always, stay Hella Average!