Source:Hella Average Gaming, CarminT

The first time I laid my eyes on one of these beauties was at DreamHack Atlanta. I made my way to the SCUF booth, and immediately jumped on one of the demo stations that was running Destiny. The controller was super responsive, the paddles felt natural after a few minutes of gameplay, and the overall feel of the controller in my hands was beyond comfortable. I knew at that moment that I wanted one, but was hesitant to pull the trigger (or paddles... all puns intended) on the purchase. So I added it to my wishlist, and when my birthday rolled around I received a note and some cash from my lovely wife to order one.

The overall ordering process is a delight. You can mix and match color combinations,  and be able to see your choices in real time. I snapped what seemed like 100 different screenshots, and sent them to everyone that would give me feedback before deciding on the combination that is pictured above.

Once I received the controller, I immediately began the customization process. SCUF controllers use state of the art EMR (Electro Magnetic Remapping) technology for adjusting triggers, paddles, and overall sensitivity. The customization is endless, and can be changed on the fly to adjust to whatever game you are playing. I have mine optimized for Destiny 2 gameplay currently, and am looking forward to making changes for upcoming releases as necessary.

I swear by this product, and can't recommend the SCUF brand enough. A normal controller just feels funny in my hands. The textured grip on the back helps for longevity of play, and I find myself not having to set the controller down quite as often to wipe the sweat from my hands. The price point may seem steep, but I promise you will not be disappointed. This controller is a lifetime investment, and should be considered for anyone who plays at a medium, to high level(don't worry I am still Hella Average.)