Call of Duty: WWII - Game Review

Source:Hella Average Gaming, Cameron

       In the future, war is fought from the walls. Verticality is your friend, and the only way to truly reign supreme, is to kill from above. If you ever find yourself in a tight spot, simply use your super ability you have stored away. Does any of this ring a bell, or bring back memories of a darker time? If you answered yes to this question, you have probably played any Call of Duty game in the past 4 years. Every new iteration continues to be futuristic, which is fine, but what about the past? When is the last time we have truly experienced a Call of Duty not far into the future? Sledgehammer Games have given us a Call of Duty experience that strips away the flashy futuristic bling, and replaces it with trench warfare, espionage, and a fantastic multiplayer mode.

       Call of Duty: WW2 is the newest addition to the famous, albeit monotonous, Call of Duty franchise. Year after year, a set group of developers have rotated their time on developing the newest COD. This year, Sledgehammer games has hit the proverbial nail on the head, and blessed us with a much needed break from futuristic warfare. As the campaign begins, we are thrust into the shoes of a Texas farm boy, and his close friends. They are in the heart of WW2, and the Germans are relentless. The missions are fairly straight forward, and don't offer any groundbreaking mechanics. There are a couple stealth missions that are the highlight of the campaign, but other than these missions, nothing truly gives the player a memorable experience. At times, the campaign looks absolutely gorgeous, rivaling the best graphics I have seen in gaming to date. While the music is lacking, the sound effects are fantastic, and truly give you a feel of being in that time frame. The gunfire sounds amazing, and each gun has a unique sound, making you want to try every new gun you see. It is obvious that Sledgehammer spared no expense in attempt to give us a truly in-depth campaign.

       Although Call of Duty: WW2's campaign is well done, the true beauty of this game lies with the multiplayer. Many people purchase this game simply for multiplayer, and never touch the single player content. Thankfully, WW2 has given us a well versed, and deep multiplayer experience, with plenty of content to keep the average gamer more than satisfied. All the modes we know and love, such as team death match, have returned. War, a new mode where each team must attack or defend 3 objectives, has been my favorite experience with the multiplayer. These objectives are so much better than racking up kills, or capturing a flag. It makes the player feel as if they are truly in the trenches, fighting back the enemy.  The more in-depth mode you are playing, such as war, the more experience you will obtain. For instance, if you get kills while carrying the flag in capture-the-flag, you receive double the experience you normally would. You are truly rewarded for playing the objective in Call of Duty; WW2. Also, how can we talk about a Call of Duty game without mentioning zombies? Zombie Nazis are front and center in the newest iteration of the popular zombie mode. Trying to survive as long as possible will prove troublesome, but when you work together with your team, this game mode is extremely fun. The upgrade system is rewarding, and the mode feels easy to learn. If you have ever been a fan of the zombie mode, I highly recommend giving this version some play time.

       Overall, the newest entry into the Call of Duty franchise is well done, and a worthy successor. Though the campaign can be monotonous at times, the multiplayer is strong, and the graphic fidelity is top notch. Personally, I have not been invested in Call of Duty since Black Ops 2, and this felt like a natural game to jump back in. Going back to a basic run and gun system, and eliminating special attacks, have scratched that true Call of Duty itch. I highly recommend this game to fans, old and new. This game will offer hours of entertainment, so grab this title, and fight back the Nazi regime. Play on, and as always, stay Hella Average!